In our first product review of the Tiedown we introduced readers to an alternative to the standard tie bar, tie tack, and other accessories used to hold a gentleman's tie in place. One of the perks of being in the right circles is having the chance to review new innovative products in order to spread the word. Manwaring Innovations, LLC was kind enough to allow me to try their product gratis. Unfortunately, it’s still cold in DC so I've been wearing sweaters or waistcoats frequently which hides the tie and effectively forfeits the need for the Tiedown. However, I did have the chance to wear my tie uncovered and this is what I discovered.

1. The Tiedown arrived promptly in discreet and easy to opening packaging with a note from the owner and instructions for use. A good start.

2. Upon inspection the Tiedown seemed to be a less than sturdy pieces of thin plastic. I wondered how it would stand up to stress under wear and tear and it held up extremely well all day.

3. While wearing the Tiedown I noticed it was difficult if not impossible to wear my necktie with the proper arch extending from the knot since the Tiedown effectively holds the tie against the shirt it is impossible to lift the tie away from the body. This was disappointing to me since I like to have a bit of arch in my tie.

4. The Tiedown was very effective in holding my tie in place. Leaning and bending over, and walking in the wind and other movements which previously caused my tie to move out of place were all eliminated.

Overall, I would recommend the Tiedown to men in occupations which call for a tie but the tie is more of a distraction than an attraction. Waiters, law enforcement officers, and other professions which involve activity are more prone to get the maximum usage out of the Tiedown versus men in jobs that are mostly sedentary or have the option to cover their tie with a sweater or vest.


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