Once again I've had the opportunity to bring another style product review to you.  This review comes in the form of undershirts.  The Ribbed Tee company provides men with a stellar undershirt experience.  This isn't your regular Fruit of The Loom or Hanes experience and I've been wearing their product recently.  Here are the details: 1. Quick and easy online shopping experience and my package arrived within 3 days of ordering.

2. The package came with a receipt but no personal note like my last review.  The shirts came well packaged and protected.

3. To my surprise I received 2 of the v-neck shirts although I only ordered one.  I wonder if this is normal or if I'm just a special case?  On the other hand I only received one tank top.

4.  The V-necks came with a tag in the collar which I'm not fond of.  I've been wearing tagless t-shirts for a while now and have found them to be more comfortable.  I used to cut the tags out of t-shirts in the past.  After wearing the v-neck I found minimal irritation from the tag, but I still think its useless.  The tank top came tagless.

5.  The T-shirt fits snug and hugs the body. It's extra long and does not come untucked while wearing.  The cotton is ribbed hence the named "ribbed tee".  It has a great feel.

6.  I washed and dried the V-necks and they did not shrink or lose shape.  I have yet to wear the tank top since I beleive men shouldn't wear them after high school, but it may be something to wear while doing work around the house in the coming summer months.

Overall this is one of the most comfortable undershirts I've worn.  At a price tag of $18.50 (retail) and $9.25 (discount) they lose the price battle versus the Hanes you'll find at Wal-Mart, but in the end it's worth having a few pairs on hand.

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