Today's man is one who not only cares for and maintains his wardrobe, but also his skin.  Yes, your skin may be tight, smooth, clear, and bright while you're young; but time catches up to even the best of us and a proper skin care regimen NOW will keep you from being a wrinkled old man later. With so many skin care products on the market it can be difficult for a man to tell which is the best for his skin, his lifestyle, and his wallet.  In steps Nu Skin® For Men—a multifunctional line of products designed to improve the look and feel of your skin without adding a single step.  Over time gravity, free radical damage, smoking, drinking, and the everyday wear and tear on the body can cause the skin to lose elasticity.  Nu Skin has created Tegreen 97,® a green tea based  leaf extract which acts as potent natural antioxidant.

The Nu Skin men's package includes shave cream, after shave balm and deodorant.  The line of products targets men ages 20–40 who want to feel better about their image without adding time or hassle to their morning routine.  The ingredients are mostly natural but the deodorant does contain aluminum which if you're not careful can turn the underarms of your white tee's yellow.  Keep a bottle of Deo-Go handy and you should be OK.  We'll be trying a sample soon and will report our findings.

Nu Skin For Men Skin Care Package

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