Cobbler -- Not the warm, sweet, down home fruit cobbler your grandmother used to make.  The cobbler who is a surgeon for your footwear.  The one who repairs, refinishes, restores, protects and extends the life of the shoes you so wisely invested in.  In light of the recession with more men interviewing for jobs, the shoe repair industry has seen a boost in many parts of the country.  With the unemployment rate in DC peaking at 11.9% as recently as December many men still either don't buy shoes that require maintenance from a cobbler, or they simply do not posses the knowledge of how one can extend the life of their shoes.  Resoling a heel; attaching taps; or restitching the welt are all services a cobbler provides to preserve a man's footwear and save him time and money in the long run.  Several cobblers have turned to the internet to offer their services to men who choose not to leave the comfort of their home.  Barring physical ailment or disability I find it lazy that a man would rather stuff his shoes -- one of the biggest investments in his wardrobe -- in a box, put them in the mail, and wait weeks for their return without ever being able to see and understand the behind the scenes work of a master at his craft.  But I digress. Find a cobbler, but not your granny's.

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