Color and fun are the mark of the Spring season.  This should extend to your clothing and more specifically your accessories.  These lovely pieces just came across our desk courtesy of online haberdasher Mr. Kent Wang.  Mr. Wang's offerings include an extensive selection of pocket squares in silk, cotton, and linen in all sorts of colors, checks, dots and feline relations.  The tie collection is classic and varied with Grenadine, silk knits, and wools making up most of the selection.  While most of the ties come in at the wider side of three inches (ours comes in at 2.75), you can select your preferred width.  Yellow was desperately lacking in our wardrobe and what better way to display it than in a chest pocket.  While we have several silk knits the majority or square bottomed and none of them with polka dots.  We look forward to wearing these pieces proudly.

Yellow Linen Pocket Square
Pink Polka Dot Silk Knit Tie

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