Spring is sputtering into shape in DC and we’ve turned our attention to the lighter side of footwear.  After pounding around in ankle high Horween leather boots, it’s time to brighten up and lighten up.  We recently came across one brand that we’ve neglected in the past but its new spring offerings deserve a bit of attention.

Since 1850, Johnston & Murphy has made shoes that easily transition from work to play and as the days get longer and life moves outdoors your footwear will want to transition as well.  By the time Gold Cup and that other horse race in Kentucky come around, you’ll want to wear something a bit more relaxed and breathable.  In step the Holbrook Captoe Spectators in calfskin and natural linen.  Available in  brown, navy, or black these spectators are an attractive segue into co-respondent footwear options and into the warmer months.

An attractive option at $185 for the long weekend of Memorial Day or a leisure outdoor sporting event with friends; Johnston & Murphy has your holiday weekend covered while leaving enough change in your pocket to bet on the ponies.

This post is sponsored by Johnston & Murphy and Style Coalition