Marko John's has been making handmade socks since 1895.  That's a pretty long time.  During this time the entire design, production, and manufacturing process has taken place in the UK.  Mostly created for and worn by traditional English universities and boarding schools, these socks only come in stripes in single colors or up to four colors on a repeat.  For example blue, gold, blue, gold or blue, blue, gold, gold.There are several steps that go into creating any pair of socks but MJ's takes exceptional pride in creating their hosiery--yes that's the technical term for socks, learn it.  Since 1895 MJ's have been created and designed in-house without the input of outside sources.  We are proud to announce that IG will be the first company to collaborate on a design of MJ socks.  We will choose design, colors and patterns for our own custom pair of MJ's to be sold in the UK and worldwide.  We appreciate MJ's confidence in us to create a stellar product and we look forward to the design process.
MJ'S Sock Color Options
MJ's Sock Color Options
Production begins with sketches of shape and style, first by pencil and paper, and then finalized on a computer.
MJ's are made from cotton dyed and spun in England using traditional methods including over 100 different hues. The cotton is then spun into reels to be transported for manufacturing.
Each sock is woven, line by line, into a cylinder shape from toe to heel. At each change of cotton color, the weaving is stopped and tied off before the new color is tied in. This takes longer than other socks, but it makes the structure of each sock stronger. The socks are shaped to ergonomically fit your feet, to fit snugly into the bridge with a slight bulb shape for the heel, making for an extremely comfortable fit.
All MJ's are hand-linked. This means that the cylinders referred to above are transformed into socks by hand. Each cotton fibre is linked between the opposite strands. This is a time-consuming process but it results in a seamless toe which is not only superior in comfort but also in strength. 
After the socks have been knitted and linked, they move onto finishing.  The cotton strands are trimmed, the seamlessness of each toe is checked and every sock is inspected to ensure only the finest socks make it into packaging.
After checking the quality of every sock, they are paired and ready for packaging.  Every bit of the printing/packaging process happens in England. Every single pair is then placed into a bag or envelope, by hand, and ready for delivery.

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