Do you know your Rob Roy from your Tartan?  Donegal from Buffalo?  That's right gents, there is more than one type of plaid and they all have different names.  Plaid orginated in the Highlands of Scotland and was used to identify a family or clan.  The fabric itself is composed of a series of vertical and horizontal stripes intersecting at right angles and is printed, knitted, or woven into a garment. Many men are afraid of patterned fabrics, but plaid is one of the more versatile ones available.  It can be worn in all four seasons although it wears better in the colder months.  It adds visual depth and gives the draws in the viewers eye.  It can be worn in your shirt, tie, pants, jacket, and even socks if you want to stretch your sartorial limits.  Any way you wear it plaid should be part of your wardrobe.  Here are some common - and not so common versions.

Granted Endorsement: Try a plaid pocket square to liven up your suit.

Kobe Bryant in plaid
Buffalo Check

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