Linkson Jack has been making the rounds on menswear blogs recently and IG has certainly taken notice. In today's internet age it is becoming increasingly difficult to be the first to write, post, or tweet about a new store online or even offline for that matter.  However,  being able to offer something unique to our readers is what we thrive on.  So, for those of you who are already familiar with Linkson we won't relay the details. For those who aren't yet familiar you can read more about Linkson's offerings HERE and HERE.

We've been fortunate enough to work directly with Linkson to offer our readers a special discount opportunity.  Linkson is running this special promotion on their gray ties, wool ties, and grenadine ties.  IG readers will enjoy the following benefits until Sunday, November 11.  You're welcome.  Now, enjoy.

Note: While the ties are great, we are really fond of the Ox horn accessories and we'll have the pleasure of reviewing them here soon.   Stay tuned.

Coupon code: GRANTED20

Valid until:November  11

Size of discount: 20%

Applicable products: All except fountain pens and bespoke boxes

Minimum spend before coupon becomes valid:$50

UK sales tax of 20% will be deducted at checkout, after adding your shipping address.

The store accepts payment in USD.