Today begins the long Labor Day weekend which signals the unofficial end of summer BBQs and beers in anticipation for the Fall season. It also signals the apparent inappropriateness for a man to wear white.  This unwritten fashion rule long adhered to by the most stringent of fashion mavens says that it's basically against fashion law to wear white after Labor Day and if you do you may as well be committing a sin against the church of style.  We say bologna.  Why should a man confine himself to such rituals and rules?  Yes there are rules ever man should follow to the letter--wear a suit to a business meeting, shave before your wedding, wear clean underwear at your funeral. But don't wear white after the first weekend in September? Absurd!

White is certainly a color best used for summer as it reflects the suns rays and keeps a man cool.  But that doesn't mean he can't wear the same tone in the Fall.  If Italian men can wear white jeans year round, then American men can wear it spattered sensibly throughout their wardrobe.  The key is to wear it properly. First, don't wear white!  Oops isn't that what we are arguing against?  We mean wear another shade or tone of white.  Try eggshell, muslin, or natural.  All these colors resemble white without looking stark and sterile.  Another key is keeping it to one piece.  Don't overdo it.  Try a thick cable knit sweater, or cardigan with a bright color below like cranberry red cords.  Or try trim jeans with a dark or muted color above like a navy cashmere or merino sweater.  White shoes can be the most difficult to pull off, but again go for off white.  If you wore your white suede bucks long enough during the summer than they probably look like it with a bit of wear and tear which only add to the affect. Pair them with gray flannels or flannel lined khakis with the hem rolled and you'll be all set.

We believe no man should follow rules just for the sake of following rules.  The rule must provide some function that enhances a man's wardrobe or keeps him from looking like a fool, instead of following a rule just because society says its the way it should be.

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