If you happen to be a gentlemen who wears a tie on a regular basis--and if you're reading this you probably are--then you may have experienced a phenomenon we like to call tie slippage.  If your tie knot is incorrectly knotted and/or improperly tightened then it can slip out of the collar throughout the day due to gravity and activity.  This leaves a man to re-tightening and/or retying his tie several times during the day when he should be focusing on making money.  While we advocate your tie having a life of it's own and wearing it with a bit of nonchalance, some men prefer their tie to be perfectly symmetrical and in place at all times.  If you're on of those then this post is for you.We recently came across a product to prevent this very thing.  The Tie Snug is an apparatus invented to keep your tie knot up and tight into the collar gap where it should be.  It's a small pin and when worn correctly it gives your tie knot the proper life it should have without you fussing with it all day.  For Father's Day we've teamed up for a discount deal. Enter "ImageGranted" at checkout to get $5 off your purchase. The deal ends June 27th.  Instead of another tie for dad's day, why not help him look better in the ties he already has.  HERE's how.Tie Snug from SDG on Vimeo.

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