I've been on the hunt for some time for a round collar dress shirt, also know by the more technical term--club collar.  The rounded collar was first seen in Berkshire, England.  These collars come in and out of fashion periodically and are best for face shapes other than round.  The round collar dress shirt is a rarity today in off-the-rack clothing which is a big reason why I had been having trouble finding it.  I found one last year at  Hugo Boss sample sale in NYC but it was cut too slim and didn't fit, so the search continued.

Club Collar

Originally worn as part of English school uniforms the rounded collar was attached to the body of the shirt and signified elite membership in the most exclusive male clubs, hence the moniker "club" collar. Often worn during the 1930's the collar became one of the most custom-tailored variety of collars and was   often seen in sporting environments and worn by famous socialites with square facial frames.  Club collars can also be worn with a collar pin.  Pinned collars were once the pinnacle of high class shirting.  Pinned collars come with a hole in each side of the collar for a pin. Pinned or eyelet collars were popular during the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. The pin pierces the collar fabric (or is placed through eyelets) under the tie pulling the wings of the collar together and raising the tie. Collar bars came later which slip or slide on the edges of the collar and don't need to pierce the collar fabric.

Club Collar with Pin

Recently I was fortunate enough to find a vintage pinned club collar shirt with french cuffs.  This is an extremely rare find and I was more than delighted to make the purchase.  Now I'll need to find a good collar pin and I'll be all set.


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