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This is a guest post brought to you by Vero Linens.  This is the second in a series of posts introducing the benefits of luxury bedding for men of style. Ask anyone, after a long day’s work, many will agree there are not too many things better than jumping into a clean fresh bed with ironed sheets.  Moreover, there is nothing like the feel of 100% cotton next to your skin, which is why it is the most popular fabric used in bed linens. Unfortunately, 100% cotton bed linens can wrinkle, and by the middle of the week, your bed may begin to look a little disheveled.

Jumping into bed
Jumping into bed

In our previous article, I addressed the differences between luxury linens and department store bedding and discussed why you might consider luxury linens. I also mentioned that the finest bed linens come from Italy. You may find this true with other products such as suits, shoes and handbags. There is something about the Italian culture and mindset that motivates them to produce only the best.

Nonetheless, if you have made an investment in your bedding, you will want it to look great. Trust me; your bedroom guest will be more than impressed. The following information applies to any cotton bedding whether it is lower-end bedding or the finest.

Not many of us are inclined to iron sheets; let’s face it, it is tedious. However, ironing is the best way to get wrinkles out, not only do the bed linens look great, but the ironing also makes the fabric feel better as ironing lays the nap of the fabric down and it feels even nicer against your skin.

If you want to pass on the ironing, consider having them professionally laundered. You want laundered not dry-cleaned, as the harsh chemicals used in dry-cleaning can harm cotton fabric. This is a great way to have a fresh, great looking bed without all the fuss.

For those that do not want to send your out or iron them, these quick tips work great when you change the bed or if you want to touch it up mid week.

1.  Don’t overload your washer or drier.

  • Only put one set of sheets in the washer and dryer at a time.
  • Not only will the sheets be cleaner, they will also be less inclined to wrinkle.
  • Don’t let them set in the drier at the end of the cycle.
  • Take them out of the drier when they are slightly damp and hand press them as you fold them or put them back on the bed.

2.  Find a spray bottle of water. Water is a wrinkle releaser. However, the sheet must have a little tension placed on it for this to work best (I will explain this below).You may want to consider getting scentedwater as well, there are many to choose from and they come in several fragrances (you can also add a little of your cologne in the water as well). They make the bed smell great.

  • Regardless, if you use scented water or plain tap water, the result is the same

3. Put your fitted sheet on the bed, and then give it a light spritz of water. The fabric will have some tension on it by virtue of its fitted corners.

  •  Now put your flat sheet on the bed and tuck in the foot and about 2/3’s the way up the sides.
  • Grab the flat sheet by one of the top edges and pull it taunt as shown below.  Then give it a light spritz of water.
  • Go to the other side of the bed and repeat the process.
  • Then put your duvet or coverlet on the bed.
Luxury Italian Bed Linens - spraying flat sheet
Luxury Italian Bed Linens - spraying flat sheet

4.  Now grab one of your pillowcases (with the pillow inside of it), suspend it with one hand (from the cuff). Then give it a light spritz on both sides, repeat the process with your other pillows or shams.

Luxury Italian Bed Linens - sham and water bottle
Luxury Italian Bed Linens - sham and water bottle

5. This same tip applies to your duvet cover should you have a few areas that have developed some wrinkles.

Here is a You Tube video that demonstrates how to get wrinkles out as well as offers some other tips.

We hope this helps and as always, please feel free to call or email us with you bedding related questions.