Thrift Store Runway is an online fashion contest with five cash prizes given away every month for the best submissions.  This contest is a part of the movement to Bring Back National Thrift Week, which used to be a vibrant celebration of the virtue of thrift in America.  today Thrift Store Runway gathers local and national sponsors in an effort to revive this lost tradition.

We've been fortunate enough to be selected as a guest judge for the online contest in the month of June.  The cash value for the monthly prizes depends on the number of individuals entering. If there are 49 or fewer entrants, Thrift Store Runway will award $100, but if there are 50 different entries in a single month, Thrift Store Runway will award five $500 prizes.  There are several rules but the most important are these:

  1. There is a spending cap of $50 per entry.
  2. Hold on to your receipts. Winning entries may be required to verify prices of the items in their submissions.
  3. You can incorporate existing items that you already own, but you will be judged mainly on the items that were acquired from thrift stores.
  4. For this contest “thrift store” means any second-hand retail venue. This can mean consignment shops, online auctions, classified ads, flea markets, etc. Just be sure you have a way to photographically prove to us how much you spent on the transaction.
  5. The deadline for consideration each month will be midnight EST, on the last day of the month.

All entries must be submitted online by Sunday, June 30 midnight EST.  Entries will be judged on overall personal style and how creative you are with your $50.  As an avid thrifter $50 is more than enough to put together a winning ensemble.  We look forward to judging you.  ( no pun intended...OK maybe a little)