We recently had the pleasure of receiving a gift from our friends at The Merchant Fox.  Decca was kind enough to send us genuine Fox Flannel Herringbone tie in the iconic Fox Brothers flannel which we have already discussed.  The Merchant Fox is continually adding high quality products to their list of offerings including lengths of their iconic cloth but this tie is one of their staples and as well it should be.

The tie comes in a midweight gray flannel with a  handsome herringbone chevron pattern which will add just enough visual texture.   The hand is a bit meatier than we anticipated but this can be attributed to the fact that just before receiving this tie we purchase a wool, silk,cashmere blend tie which due to the cashmere and silk has a loftier and softer hand.  The Merchant Fox tie is pure flannel which depending on how its woven and/or washed can have dense feel to it.  This actually is a positive quality that will help keep our neck warm when it makes its debut in a Fall ensemble in the near future.

The tie is fully lined in a 3 inch width, is hand sewn in the West of England and comes with a self tipped edge.  The presentation of the tie is in keeping with the level and quality of The Merchant Fox.   Over the years we have come to enjoy the presentation of a product almost as much as the product itself.  The tie can be purchased exclusively on The Merchant Fox site at 90 British pounds or roughly $145USD.

For  more inspiration and appreciation of Fox Flannel be sure to follow Mr. Fox's Journal and keep up with the happenings at the mill and the travels of Mr. Fox himself.  The Fox Flannel Herringbone Tie.