Seven fold neckties have become the holy grail of neckwear.  In years past when neckties were more prevalent amongst men they were the standard of class and quality.  In recent years they have become the object of affection of many menswear aficionados as a way to separate the men from the boys.  Seven fold ties use an entire meter of silk versus standard three or four folds sold by most department stores and mass manufacturers.  These mass produced ties use several pieces of silk wrapped around a wool or cotton interlining.  Neither the pieces of silk nor the interlining may be of the highest quality since they are cut from so many different sources.  Conversely, seven fold neckties are cut from single piece of silk which requires the fabric to be of the highest quality since imperfections will be harder to mask.  When the silk has been chosen it is folded onto itself seven times without an interlining which gives the final product a gentle drape and allows for a more lively knot and a deeper and richer dimple--which every man should have in a properly knotted tie. Seven fold ties take more time and effort to make, but they also create a better product.  Up until now we were not aware of any independent retailers in DC selling seven fold neckwear.  Isaia seven folds can be found at Barney's and other high end big box retailers, but we shun shopping at these resources.  Enter Sette Neckwear.

Sette represents the number seven in Italian.  The company is owned by Mr. Peter Watkins and ties are designed by Mr. Robert Jensen who has accumulated over thirty years of neckwear experience.  Although Peter resides in Salt Lake City, Utah he travels frequently to the District and has a long political background in DC hence the political ties--no pun intended.  While traveling through Italy and subsequently having to wear ties for business Peter decided to take a crack at the business himself and sparked relationships with mills in Como--which is highly regarded as one of the best sources of silk in the world.  The ties are cut on the bias and folded asymmetrically to achieve the proper balance and hand.

Sette offers a wide range of options in woven, printed, pure and classic silks. They come in a standard three inch width at the widest point and are self-tipped and hand sewn in Italy.  The designers are conservative but confident.  After all this is DC.  Each Sette is unique and one of kind in a limited run usually of no more than twenty-one pieces.  Each tie comes marked with a number and every customer has the option to register their tie online with Sette.

We are proud to have recently become the owners of our first seven fold necktie and we're even more proud that it comes from an independent business owner right here in DC.  The customer service and purchasing experience of a Sette customer is no less than stellar.  We've had several products and exclusive pieces sent to us over the years and we are hard pressed to remember a more thorough presentation and packaging.  The tie arrives in a sleek handmade box with a handwritten thank you note from Mr. Watkins himself, a signed "about us" card, instructions for maintaining your Sette and a registration card.  Our Sette is a regal solid, woven purple.  This option is certainly exclusive since it will not be available on the site until summer.

These are some of the best ties in the world and they come at a cost.  They range anywhere from $265 to $445.  We realize these may be some of the most expensive ties on the market, but they are every bit worth it in quality, construction, aesthetics and customer service.  We're highly anticipating tying it on for the first time and feeling the difference between a true seven fold and all the rest.