ServPal is a new startup focused on introducing image professionals across the country to the marketplace in an easy access platform where professionals can be contacted directly. Professionals who sign up to the site are eligible to receive a 14 day highlight on the front page of the site for potential clients to view. Clients who sign up can view a listing of image professionals from across the country. Bios, portfolios, before and afters are all available for view when a client is seeking an image professional.

Mr. Andy Nevers; former US Marine turned entrepreneur helms Servpal as CEO. We had the pleasure of dressing him for his video/photoshoots to help him launch his personal brand to the world. Mr. Nevers is soft spoken and easy going, but also is a young African-American business men with military experience and an acute idea of where he wants to take his business and himself. We tried to convey that with an approachable ensemble which included soft, earth tones, foundational colors and a bit of layering. 

With the over-saturation of the online fashion startup marketplace; only time will tell if Servpal can succeed. However, we fully support the advancement of image professionals and especially former military vets of color. Servpal has launched a Go Fund Me campaign to which donations can be made directly to support the launch of the business. In the meantime, have a look at what Andy Nevers has to say about his business.