Maxton Men is new e-commerce men's shop which just opened in October.  They carry an assortment of accessories, bags, grooming products, gadgets and knick knacks for your office.  Maxton's goal is to provide, classic, timeess and affordable products for guys on a budget who still want the best.  The great thing about Maxton is that all of their products are under $100 with free shipping and returns.  While selection is limited there are a few things we think are worth having.

Pocket Square Silk Knots Duffle Bag Leather Wallet Leather Belt Electric Trimmer Shoe Trees Notebook Scarf Book Playing Cards

We'll also be contributing to Maxton's how to lifestyle guide.  Look out for a post on a 4 step plan to upgrade your style.  Last but not least Maxton and IG have partnered to offer our audiences a 15% discount on all orders through Nov 30.  Just use code IGSHOP at checkout and enjoy the early Christmas gift on us!

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