We recently had the pleasure of meeting the tie-making duo of Marshall Anthony (MA).  MA is young company started in 2009 by Darhel Anthony.  The company started out making custom bow ties and evolved overtime into full neckties.  The owners graduated from Hampton University in Tidewater Virginia and now run their operation out of New York.  They were gracious enough to grace us wit their presence at The Selected Few trunk show.They currently offer a selection of neckties and bowties in raw silk, Donegal wool, cashmere and others  all made in the US.  Patterns include solids, Glen checks, herringbones, and houndstooths.  The partially lined ties come untipped and with hand rolled edges.  Others are silk tipped in their signature deep purple.  They also offer customization on their raw silk ties in different colorways.  All neckties come in a reasonable 3.25 inches width.  The bow ties come in raw silk and a lofty cashmere.  They are self-tie and come in a butterfly and a rounded diamond point version.  All neck and bow ties range from $75-$105.MA is looking to expand its business in major cities across the nation and DC is next.  We fully support their endeavors and look forward to their success.  Here are some of our favorites.

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