Over the weekend we were doing a little shopping at TARI, one of our new found consignment shops in Georgetown and came across a beautiful Luigi Borrellidress shirt.  Lightweight cotton, purple gingham, button down with an offset double collar button.  A great looking summer shirt and it fit perfectly.  This may have been the first time we've seen one off the rack.Borrelli is one of the best names in Italian menswear tailoring house that offers a full collection of menswear staples from outwear to fragrances, but shirting happens to be their forte.  A Borelli shirt is a great investment and to see one in a retail shop and priced at $50 is a rare find.  A Borelli shirt can cost anywhere between $200 - $300.  Some can cost even more.Borrelli's history goes all the way back to 1904.  Originally founded by Anna Borrelli, the Luigi Borrelli we know today was not established until 1957.  Borelli offers two types of collections:  Luigi Borelli and Lugi Borelli  Luxury Vintage.  In the Luigi Borelli collection soft tailoring and minimalist details are the standard.  The Vintage line is a bit of an oxymoron.  Although it vintage in heritage it is more modern and intended for the younger casual man.  Here are some of our favorite looks from their Fall collection.


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