Today we'd like to introduce Ledbury, our friends and new ad sponsors.  We are extremely humbled to partner with Ledbury in the effort to bring their shirts to IG readers across the country.  Ledbury is an online and shirting company offering classic and slim fit dress and casual shirts for today's modern man.   We've been fortunate enough to become proud owners of a Ledbury tuxedo shirt which will get plenty of wear this holiday season.  We will post a review soon.

Since 2008 Ledbury has grown into a staple in many men's wardrobes.  Ledbury calls Richmond, VA home and their product based on six principles.  Feel free to read about the anatomy of a Ledbury shirt.

1. A collar that won't collapse

2. The ideal V at the neckline

3. Finest Italian woven fabrics

4. A  better fit

5. Anglo-American of Ledbury collar

6. Mother of pearl buttons

Although Ledbury's mainline product is shirts they have recently expanded to blazers, ties, and accessories.  One of the most appealing offerings at Ledbury is their short run shirting.  Every two weeks Ledbury releases a new collection of limited edition shirtsmade in small quantities and only available to Ledbury members.  It's a good way to make sure you're not wearing the same blue shirt every other guy is.

Ledbury will be with us for a time and we hope you enjoy their offerings.  We will be sure to alert you of sales and promotions coming out of the Ledbury camp.  In the meantime learn more from Mr. Paul Trible, Ledbury co-founder.