LeatherFoot is a new Canadian footwear vendor operated by Ideyi Chuku.  Founded in 2012 and opening for business next month, LeatherFoot will carry some of the finest men's shoes and accessories available on the market.  Offerings include those from Gaziano & Girling, Corthay, Saint-Crispin's, Alfred Sargent, and Carmina.  To our knowledge there is no other retailer in Canada that can match this selection.

LeatherFoot also specializes in made-to-order and bespoke services.  We recently spoke to Ideyi and preparations are coming along nicely.  They are planning their lunch in March and already have a Saitn Crispin's trunk show with Phillip Car scheduled for April 25th on site at 24 Bellair Street, Toronto, Ontario M5R 2C7.  If you'd like to attend the show email info@leatherfoot.com.  Follow LeatherFoot's journey on their Facebook page.  In the meantime take a look at some of the offerings from their stock.