We've recently introduced you to Paul Holmes of HYPE Luggage in our Menswear Dialogue Series. Today, we discuss one of the special pieces offered by HYPE, the Chichester Cabin Bag.

We had the pleasure of using this piece from Paul's collection.  We chose the 18" cabin bag for many reasons.  It is quite handsome, has a bit of structure while still being relaxed and travels well by being flight approved to fit into overhead storage during flight.  We used the bag for our travels to Indianapolis for the NBMBAA convention in September.  We must say that we were quite pleased with the style, form, and function of this piece.

The Cabin bag comes in three leather offerings: Antique, Crazy Horse, and Jockey.  We opted for the Jockey which is offered a rich and supple bridle leather that wears well over time.   Antique and crazy horse felt a bit more flash than function.  The Chichester comes outfitted with sold brass hardware, RiRi zippers, a soft suede lining, brass feet for durability, and a shoulder strap for those who prefer to have their hands free during travel.  Personally we try not to use straps and carry our luggage by hand.  Any extra bit of exercise is always welcome.  Besides, crushing the shoulders of your suit or sport coat should never be an option.

The Chichester is decidedly English and it shows in its unique packing form.  The bag is actually packed from the side in instead of with a front to back open mouth as most Americans are used to.  Some may find this method of packing cumbersome, but it works well with the dimensions of the bag.  Inside are two straps with D-rings for security.  Once the initial discombobulation wears off it should not be much of a issue.

The bag held our personal items quite well and the side pocket came in handy for earphones, snacks, magazines and other paraphernalia accumulated at the airport.   The bag also carries well.  Although the weight seems like it be off kilter when packed, it is actually evenly distributed when carried.  The only thing we had trouble with was attaching the shoulder strap to the side rings.  The clasps of the strap had an awkward opening and we nearly had to force it to close and eventually be removed from the ring.  However, this wasn't much of an issue since we don't like to use the strap as previously mentioned.

The  Chichester and other offerings are available right here in DC at Sterling and Burke and online  from NYC based luxury stockist Roztayger.  Overall we were extremely pleased with the Chichester bag and the customer service of HYPE and we are proud to recommend Mr. Holmes and his product.

Price: 18″ £599.00 Including VAT

Dimensions: W18″ x H12″ x D8″

Price: 22″ £650.00 Including VAT

Dimensions: W22″ x H14″ x D8.5″