We've been expanding our reach to find retailers offering high quality products for the man looking to upgrade the staples in his closet.  Many of the retailers are in Italy or the UK.  

Enter Henry Carter from Australia.

Henry Carter is a small online boutique offering neckties, scarves, and socks owned and operated by Jason Segrott.  We were fortunate enough to try some of Jason's product, but even more fortunate to get a look into the brands short history and its plans for the future.

Jason started the business, which is named after his grandfather last year after getting frustrated that the so called high end stores in Australia were charging such premium prices for goods that looked nice, but are of substandard quality made en masse in cheap labor factories.

Jason set out to create ties that he would wear, at a reasonable price point for the quality, but without compromising on production quality at all.  He quickly added a few other products, and now carry the ties, all handmade in Naples, scarves in pure Cashmere made in Scotland and Pantherella socks made in England. He hasn't snubbed made in China/Asia for any reason in particular, because he feels there are some good products coming out of these regions but they're not the best products, and that's not good enough for the brand.

The shop is headed into its second season in August and there is some great stuff in the works in the next 2-3 months including knit ties (including a lovely grey cashmere knit), a couple of shirts also made in Italy which he plans to expand on in coming seasons and the main line of ties will be all 7 folds in more fabrics stocked with lower quantities.  Some as low as 5 units in order to a) release more designs and b) keep an element of exclusivity to the range. They will be doing quite a few 7 folds that will be un-lined and un-tipped with hand rolled edges at around $109.95, which is such an amazing price for ties of that caliber.  Personally we're excited to see what is to come from down under.