If you've been a follower of IG for any amount of time you've probably noticed our everyday tweets and posts about style, life, and manhood in general.  Over the years we've collected a mass amount of these one liners dubbed "Grantisms"and have decided to round the up for our audience in one easy to find place...your inbox. "Grantisms" were born out of a need to help men attract, attain, and retain their best image. They're meant to help men solve their sartorial conundrums through short and helpful tips, hints, and anecdotes.  Style isn't just about clothes. It’s about life. It’s about LIFEstyle. Through years of speaking, presenting, writing, and consulting with men of different ages, professions, cultural backgrounds, and wardrobe levels, these are our everyday thoughts, advice, and warnings for men looking to improve their image.

Some "Grantisms" are funny, others are controversial, others are tried and true. Use a tip everyday to improve your personal LIFEstyle or pass them on to the man (or men) in your life.

Here are a few examples:

Your conversation should sparkle more than your watch.#Granted

If you have feet like Frodo, it's a problem and flip flops aren't the answer.#Granted

Stop complaining...start creating.#Granted

Lead by default, not by accident.#Granted

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