When one thinks of Canada the first thing that come to mind usually include Mounties, hockey and bacon--at least the circular kind.  Menswear does not often come up in conversation.  Dolbeau is changing that conversation.  

The Canadian born and bred neckwear company has been making headway as our neighbors to the North are offering sporty and fun neckwear.  Their latest offerings include Italian linen two tone linen ties. We were fortunate enough to speak with owners David and David and try one of the electric blue editions.  We have no idea which is which and I'm sure they like it that way.  Maybeour brothers at Art and Hustle have figured it out. In any case, the ties come with a lovely hand with self tipped two tone front and back blades, are lightweight and inject some saturated color and tone into a casual summer get up.  Coming in at 2.75 inches in width they are a bit slimmer than what we normally prefer at least 3 inches, but worn with a lightweight cardigan or v-neck sweater these will do just fine.  Tell David--whichever one you speak to--we sent you.