Cravata Pelliano is a Dutch tie maker with a collection of silk and cashmere knit ties designed in Rotterdam and manufactured in Italy. Created and run by four entrepreneurs in Benelux, Pelliano operates on the bias that although men today don't wear ties as much as they used to this is not a problem.  Instead it's an opportunity.

Pelliano has seized this opportunity and offers 7 neckties and one bow tie.  The creative director has chosen the highest quality silk and cashmere to create knit options that can be dressed up or down. The knit bow tie creation is a first for us. We have not come across a knit bow tie before, so we figured we'd stick to something a bit more versatile. Pelliano was kind enough to send us the Ouwe Baas.  A supremely soft 100% cashmere square end knit with white details.  Coming in at 2.5 inches its within range of our sweet spot width.  Ordering online is a snap, but be sure to convert from Euros to American first. This knit pairs well with a Bengal stripe shirt, oatmeal cashmere v-neck sweater,  navy patch pocket wool sport coat with a 3/2 roll, brown flannel trousers, and caramel long wing brogues.