With the plethora of menswear web stores on the market today, another has just opened its doors for men to explore--Cladmen the brainchild of Esquire Magazine and its affiliates has been ramping up for awhile now.  We've been watching its progress and we're anxious to see the results.  It looks like they're offering a trim selection of designers at the moment including their own house brand of socks called CLAD.Esquire is known for its timely and well executed advice and the "damn good advice" section should offer plenty of it.  although if you own or have read the Esquire Handbook of Style then you'll likely see a repeat of this information. It seems like a good start.  It will be interesting to see how Esquire's project fares on the heels of the other online web store behemoths Mr. Porter and Park & Bond.  Needles to say there is no shortage of places to shop online these days.  You won't have to get out of your underwear--even if you're just ordering underwear.

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