The first recording of glove making in England dates back to the 14th century in the area of Dorset. Many glove makers have come out of this area--Dents being one of the more well-known--but the first and probably most famous is the Chester Jefferies glove maker. The Jefferies name was first recorded in glove making in the 1820's with work under the name Chester Jefferies beginning in 1937 by Gilbert Pearce.

Chester Jefferies is still a family owned company creating bespoke and ready to wear gloves based on a customers hand measurement in high quality Nappa, Hogskin, Deerskin, Pigskin, Calfskin, and sueded Lambskin leathers in a variety of linings from silk to cashmere. Chester Jefferies offers over 2000 glove styles in 40 different colors from dress and sport, to uniform and ceremonial.  We were the recent recipients of two of them. We had the chance to work with the current head of the Jefferies operation Mr. Shaun Pearce to create some special pieces. We had been in the market for a pair of driving gloves and Shaun was kind enough to send us a pair along with their hand sewn Deerskin dress gloves lined in lofty cashmere. The Donnington Nappa leather driving glove is £60 or around $95US and the Cheltenham Deerskin leather dress glove with cashmere lining is £95 or around $150US. Both gloves are made largely by hand, from the cutting of the leather to the sewing of the glove itself. Both gloves offer a snug fit with premium stitching and leathers. Every man should have a pair of great gloves. Whether you're driving a car or just keeping warm in the cold. Chester Jefferies is one of the best for both.

Donnigton unlined Nappa leather driving glove

Blue on black with perforations

Black hand sewn Cheltenham deerskin leather winter gloves

Cashmere lining