We are proud to announce our new partnership with online lifestyle subscription service Bespoke Post.  Bespoke Post is operated by Mr. Brian Robeniol and curates a personal collection of products that creates a unique lifestyle experience for men.  We have been supports of brain and his service for some time now.  IG and Bespoke Post have partnered for giveaways in the past offline with TARI, a local DC consignment boutique and online with  our friends Baume & Mercier to giveaway a range of special watches from the Clifton Collection.

Needless to say our relationship has grown organically and now we have taken the next step.  Bespoke Post is now an official partner of IG and will be offering their boxes to IG readers.  Every month we will review one of Bespoke Post's boxes and post it here. and you will be able to purchase whatever you like.  Boxes are created to contain simple and useful tools and products to equip men with everything they need to live a fulfilling life.  You can see previous boxes here.

Here's how Bespoke Post works ~ 

1. Subscribe

Sign up and let Bespoke Post get to know you.

2. Preview

Preview your box online.  Skip any box at no charge.

3. Receive

Shipped at the end of each month. ($45)

Bespoke Post is our newest partner and we do receive a portion of profit from each sale of a box.  However, we always want to bring you products and services in the most authentic way possible which is why we will be reviewing a box every month and giving you the details you need to make an educated buying decision.  Our first box is called "stirred".  It contents  should fit the cocktail enthusiast, or the man who wants to be.  It should come in handy for your Fall line up of dinner parties.  Check it out and get in line for your "box of awesome."

Extra Large Stemmed Mixing Glass,Cocktail Kingdom

Hoffman Spoon, Stainless Steel 33.5cm,Cocktail Kingdom

Leopold Coupe Glass, 2 7.5oz glasses,Cocktail Kingdom

Cocktail Picks, Stainless Steel 4-pack,Cocktail Kingdom

Jamaican Bitters,Bittercube

Speed Pourer, Cocktail Kingdom