Archibald J. McNeil is an e-commerce shop offering bespoke and handmade cufflinks, belt buckles and other hardware in nickel, silver, and brass a gentlemen may need to outfit his kit.  The best thing about Archibald McNeil is the story behind the name.  A fictional (or maybe not) character who appears to be the precursor to the most interesting man in the world campaign, Mr. McNeil reportedly climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to retrieve a pair of cufflinks.  Those must have been some serious links. While we don't wear on a regular basis we are aware that some men feel less than dressed without them.  We've recently been fortunate enough to try a pair of Livingstone cufflinks in a rare Arrowhead shape in their specialized Argentium silver which is higher in silver content than your standard sterling silver and lower in risk to tarnish and/or rust. The links have a unique hammered finished, are produced in the US, and endure a 14 step hands-on process before arriving at your door.

Archibald recently re-launched their new website including a lookbook.  Links range from $125-$175 while belt buckles go for $55-80. Mr. Philip Miller is co-founder of Archibald and handles operations including bespoke orders. Feel free to contact Philip at Tell Philip we sent you and maybe he'll share more stories about Archibald and his adventures.

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