If you're going to be a student of fashion and a man of style then you better know the words and phrases to use and how to use them to describe your wardrobe.  For the uninitiated it can be a whole other language, but that's why we created this little lesson to help.  Here are some words and/or phrases that you may have heard of and didn't know the real meaning, or that you've never even thought of before but will want to know in the future.  So, follow along... 1. Drop- The difference in inches between the measurement of a suit's jacket waist and the suit's trouser's waist.  The higher the better. Athletic shaped men have drops of seven inches or more.

2. Armscye- The portion of the armhole which the the sleeve of a jacket is sewn.  If it sits high it is known as a "high" armhole.  If it sits low it is known as a "low" armhole.

3. Outseam- The distance in inches from the waistband to the bottom of the trousers.

4. Balmoral- A closed-throat shoe with a laced front.  Also known as an Oxford.

5.Counter- A piece of leather inserted in the back of a shoe to support the outer leather.

6. Balance- A term used to describe the hang of a garment.

7. Gimping- A shoemakers term meaning to trim and decorate the edges of shoes with various patterns and designs.

8. "Glazing the fabric"- A term meaning ironing a garment with too much heat causing it to scorch and leave a shine on the fabric.

9. Last- A form of wood or metal in the shape of a foot used to create a shoe.

10. Fair Isle-  Both a place and a design.  A small island of the coast of Scotland and a knitting pattern found commonly in sweaters from the region.

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