We've had an obsession with nautical stripes lately.  We've realized we don't own anything with horizontal stripes. Most men fear horizontal stripes and for good reason. They can make an already wide man look wider and detract from the goal of creating a taller, thinner silhouette.  However, most men have the ability to pull off horizontal stripes without bloating themselves and we fit into this category.  The iconic St James boating sweater which originated in France is recognized by its horizontal stripes and we've been hunting one down (or something similar).We've come to a stalemate between two options and we'd like your comments, opinions, and suggestions to help us make a decision.  You all know we love J. Crew and they make a great nautical cotton shawl collar sweater.  However, we also respect Land's End Canvas (LEC) and they make a nautical linen-cotton blend that looks just as handsome.We like the J. Crew version because we've worn their product before and have always been satisfied.  We also love shawl collar sweaters which negate the need for warm weather scarves.  After significant discounts it can be had for $35 plus $12.50 shipping.  A good deal indeed.  On the other hand we have several cotton sweaters form J. Crew and we are weary of adding another blue one to the mix although it comes with white stripes.

We like the LEC version because of the linen-cotton blend that will make it all the more cooler in effect and temperature.  It comes with a three button shoulder placket which is a rarity and its' currently on sale for $27 plus 8.95 shipping.  However, we've never worn an LEC product and don't know their quality and it doesn't have a shawl collar.

As you can see we have a decision to make.  We've created the poll at the top of our home page to enlist your vote over the weekend.  We know its Easter but it would be great to have some help from our friends and followers.  Feel free to comment, post, and vote here on Facebook or Twitter.  Thanks!

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