In these days of economic turmoil, debt ceilings, stock market slumps and the like, a man would be justified in saving his money and putting it into something other than his wardrobe.  Maybe diapers for his new baby, tires for the car, or something for the Mrs.  Yes, there are plenty of ways to spend your next $200, but for those of us without children, perfectly good tires, and neither a girlfriend or a Mrs.--you should work on that by the way--there are a few places you could invest your next $200.  Both of them involve menswear but neither requires you to go to the mall.
Investing in a good cause and supporting your fellow man should always be on your priority list.  If you could help your fellow man while helping yourself look good then its even better.  In this case we suggest you put up your next $200 and support Men of Habit and Men Of The Cloth.  If you're asking yourself, "who are these men"?, then shame on you for not keeping with us.  Both of these independent fundraisers are run by men and women who love clothing in general and menswear specifically.  Both of these projects bring menswear to the forefront of our society where it should be.  Men of Habit has built a strong team of editors to bring American men the type of literature and expertise rarely found in Borders or Barnes and Noble.  Men of The Cloth gives us an inside look at not only the profession of three Italian tailors, but their day-to-day struggle and their life long passion.
Neither of these projects will put new shoes in your closet, or a new suit on your back--well if you donate enough they will, but we're only working with $200 here.  But what they will do for you is give you the chance to feel like a part of something bigger than yourself and certainly bigger than your closet.  These men and women live a life of dedication to their craft and they deserve your support.  Its rare to find people so focused and utterly convinced that their product is good enough to push to the masses.  We happen to fall into this category but this isn't about us.
So what do you get for $200 you ask?  We suggest you donate $100 a piece to each project.  At Men of Habit you'll get a free invitation to the launch party in NYC in the Spring and a free issue of the magazine (a $14.99 value).  At Men of The Cloth you'll get a DVD along with a signed film poster, a thank you card as well as a thank you on the film’s Facebook page, a postcard, bookmark, and email updates on the film. Some pretty good perks for $100 each and you'll be able to keep the magazine and DVD as collector's items.

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