Last week we had the chance to visit HMX group and their corporate headquarters in NYC.  HMX Group is the parent company of american heritage suiting brands Hickey Freeman, Hart Schaffner Marx, Bobby Jones, Coppley and several others.  HMX was born just over 2 years ago from the now defunct Hartmax Corporation.  The conglomerate is proud of its American made product and was happy to bring on Joseph Abboud as its chief designer after the sale of his namesake menswear label now branded JA Apparel.

Hickey Freeman is the flagship brand of HMX.  Hickey needs no introduction as they have been in the business for many moons creating a uniquely American product.  The modern-day Hickey has updated lines and silhouettes that show off a man's figure rather than hide in the boxy sits of years past.  Mr. Abboud has taken much interest in offering a product with the best materials and providing jobs to Americans in their factories across the country.  The brand is synonymous with American business and politics as Hickey and Hart Schaffenr Marx have been dressing business men and presidents for years.  President Obama is a Hart man while Governor Mitt Romney has been dressed in Hickey Freeman recently by Mr. Abboud himself.

Unfortunately, HMX has been experiencing a myriad of financial problems and have recently filed for bankruptcy protection.  As the story goes at the moment Hickey and its brother brands will continue to operate as normal.  While no one wants to go through the turmoil of bankruptcy, sometimes its necessary in business in order to right the ship and get back in the black.  We hope HMX is able to resurrect itself financially.

On a more positive note Hickey has recently launched a blog in order to connect with their customers and fans through a modern platform.  The blog focuses on product knowledge and local events in and around the NYC area which Hickey is involved in.  We're proud to announce that we have partnered with Hickey Freeman and will be a monthly contributor to the blog.  We will be providing guidance and knowledge of classic styles and products in general and events from the DC point of view.  We're humbled that Hickey would offer the opportunity to help them move their brand into the modern age and we'll be bringing you the news as it happens.  Look for our posts at the end of each month on a new topic.