I've never lived on Oak Street but I wish I had.  Oakstreet that is.  Oakstreet Bootmakers to be exact.  The handmade shoe shop in Maine prides itself on doing things the old fashioned way by building boots AND shoes by hand one at a time.  Using the world-renowned Horween leather used by other bootmakers you've heard of like Red Wing and Wolverine --the stuff is basically indestructible while getting softer with time--to craft their footwear, these will last a lifetime.More important than just the great shoes, the customer service is outstanding.  While I'm not quite ready to dive into the handmade boots--my bank accont hasn't grown up yet--the owner George Vilagos was kind enough to send a sample of his Venetian shoe cream to shine up my current footwear collection.  For the uninitiated there are two ways to go when shining your shoes.  Wax or cream.  Purists say wax is the only way to go.  Others think cream is fine.  Whatever your prefernece the cream worked wonderfully on my tan Cole Haan cap toes.  The cream goes on light and smooth and the neutral tone doesn't distort the patina (look it up).  Instead, it buffs it to a high shine I can almost tell time in.  It will take 6 weeks before you can enjoy them but I highly recommend George at Oakstreet Bootmakers for your first custom footwear experience.  By the way here are my favorites.


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