If you're a regular reader of this blog then over the years you may have changed your thoughts, ideas, or feelings toward style.  You may have even taken some of our advice to heart and improved not only your theoretical approach to your wardrobe but your physical approach as well.  If you fall into this category then we applaud your progress and thank you for your patronage. While we are happy to hear of your progression you may find yourself in the position to do what we do on a regular basis online and offline...give style advice.  You may feel a bit of pride knowing that you can tell the difference between a quality suit and a poor one or that you can spell sprezzatura (not many men can) or that you can name THAT Italian guy in THAT Pitti photo in THAT suit.  All of this is not bad in and of itself.

However, when you feel the need to hand out unsolicited--or solicited for that matter--style advice, our advice is to be weary.  While you may have been studying up on canvassing and construction that doesn't make you a style savant.  Yes, you may tie your tie better than the next guy, but unless helping others look their best is your passion, dream or career goal, then its best to leave each to his own unless you're OK with risking your reputation by claiming to be the most stylish guy in the office.

Here at IG we're often asked our opinion on this and on that.  Over time we've been able to provide an objective and credible opinion but we don't know what we don't know and there is always more knowledge and wisdom to be gained.  We caution you to remember this the next time the dude at the water cooler or the vending machine or even in the suit shop asks your advice and you get on your pedestal and start preaching the gospel of Savile Row.

Offering style advice isn't about getting others to dress the way you think they should.  It's about presenting options for what may suit that person's lifestyle, career, relationship status, budget etc.  You probably don't care that much about any of these things in your co-workers life so you'll most likely be offering biased advice based on your personal growth which is probably stunted anyway, instead of offering the objective recommendations your counterpart really needs.

Unless you've spoken with, or worked along side some of the most stylish men and women in the world, we recommend you kindly reserve your judgment and keep your advice to yourself.