In every entrepreneur's/style blogger's/man's journey there is always a bit of doubt.  They ask themselves; is my product good enough?  Is my content original enough?  Will anyone buy?  Will anyone read?  And even at times they may find themselves comparing their product or service to others in hopes that they can reach the same level.  We've found ourselves in this position lately.  Reaching for the next level and wondering if our content, posts, and overall work are good enough or if we're missing the mark.
We recently received the message below from our newest reader and one of our latest brand collaborations.  We're glad to have them as part of our style community. Its reassuring to hear from one businessman to another that "your stuff is good".  In our moments of doubt these words are what reinforce our confidence.  This is why we do what we do.
"Thanks so much for the great posts! I really appreciate you showing interest in reaching out to us. It's always helpful when guys are willing to feature our products and spread the news. You've been doing a great job with Image Granted (lots of great tweets, posts, tips and more) so keep up the good work! If I'm ever in your area, I'll have to get some recommendations on places to check out."

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