If you're at all interested in menswear--and you are since you're reading this blog--then you've probably heard of General Knot & CoIf you haven't, then you will.  The company has become known for their one of a kind dead stock fabric ties with intricate patterns, rich colors, and made in USA construction.  Our friend Andrew was kind enough to send us a tie.  We figured we'd keep the mood light and opted for a floral print. The most interesting thing about these ties is that there is only enough material to make a limited run.  Using dead stock fabric can be a hindrance but also a positive by creating exclusivity.  Our particular tie is # 6 out of only twelve produced.  We have to admit that while five is our favorite number, it's pretty cool to know that there are only 11 other guys on the street with the same tie.  Most of whom we'll probably never see.  If you don't hurry and get your hands on some these ties you won't be seeing them much longer either.

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