From our inbox: Question about appropriate attire for the Shorty Awards? I'm going to see some friends who were nominated.  I'll be seated, not just in the general access area.  It's not exactly the Oscars, but I'd still like to be appropriate.  It looks like smart casual is acceptable.   My plan is dark jeans, off white shirt w/ tie, black blazer & shoes.  I'm 45, mostly silver hair by this point.  Will this type of outfit make me seem like I'm trying too hard look young?  Sound OK?Congrats on having friends that are so socially connected and thoughtful enough to invite you.  Now to discuss your attire.  First of all, young or old every, man looks good in a crisp white shirt, tailored blazer, quality denim and sturdy shoes.  However, this has become the default, go-to, stand-by wardrobe for many men and for good reason.  Its quick and easy and flatters most men's body type.  However, the stylish man will always take it up a notch.  After all how many times are you invited to a major awards ceremony.  Here's how to take it to another level for yourself and the event:First, I wouldn't wear jeans.  Its an awards show and even though it's meant for the laid back crowd you can still look good and be relaxed.  This is one of the few times a black suit can be worn instead of a tuxedo.  Second, lose the tie.  Its the first thing that will make you look like you're trying to hard.  Surrounded by a bunch of modern techies you'll be fine without it.  Just be sure to wear a pocket square to replace it.  If you decide to go with a blazer make sure its tailored and try a one button double vented instead of the standard two button single vented.  Try velvet, or a thin wale corduroy that almost looks and feels the same but will probably cost less.  Avoid the off-white and go with a crisp white which will play off your hair color.  If not white, solid black in the same color as your blazer will do.

If the suit is just too much for you stick with dark, plain, straight fit jeans.  Nothing skinny or bootcut.  The darker the better.  Avoid rolling and/or cuffing since this is a more formal event. There should be little to no break.  You don't want to look like you walking around in a puddle of denim.  Your shoes should be black, slim and low profile.  Go for a plain or cap toe.  A little embellishment is OK but not much.  Accessories is where you should make your mark.  A silver or black band watch.  A solid cotton-linen, or silk scarf, sharp linen or silk pocket square, and some socks with pop that draw just enough attention without screaming for it.  You should end up looking something like this.  Let's hope you have a beautiful date to keep the attention off you.This should get you through this modern, high tech event without looking like you're trying to hard. Have fun and feel free to send us some photos!



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