An note from one of our newest followers.  This is why we do what we do.

"I'm a fresh graduate of Ouachita Baptist University with a BA in Business Marketing and recently through skimming on line I ran across your blog. What's so strange is that at a guy at 22 years old I've always wanted to become an image consultant within my own city and truly impact men's lives around my city. I'm a native of Little Rock, AR (straight in the heart of the south) and I just wanted to reach out and ask for advice on how to get started on this journey into Image Consulting, molding my brand, constantly growing in this field, and basically becoming a resource for men to reach out to and truly cultivate their styles with my help.

I've always kept my eye on and read deeply into the trends of men's fashion and basic lifestyle characteristics that modern day gentleman should uphold in today's world and practiced them myself and with my degree and also my plans of going the MBA route this upcoming spring I've developed a deep passion for wanting to be a tool like you have in your community for other men. I know you're a D.C. native and I would love to hear your advice on Image Consulting and your story and any other great words that may send me on the correct path and achieving my dream and success in helping people, utilizing my education, gaining knowledge, and my other passion men's fashion.
You're doing awesome work...but thanks in advance for your time and I appreciate it."

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