It's December and the weather proves it.  Winter snow storms and the mix of slush, ice, rock salt, etc. can wreak havoc on a man's dress shoes. One may think that the country landscape would be more hazardous to a man's footwear than the city but don't be fooled; city streets and sidewalks can be just as unforgiving.
So how is a man to protect one of the most important investments in his wardrobe? Overshoes, or if you're old-fashioned -- galoshes.  These are rubber slip-ons that stretch to cover and protect a gentleman's fine footwear.  They are an alternative to the knee high Wellington boots and come in sizes S, M, L etc. They can be found at any cobbler or your local shoe store.  Swimsmakes a good pair for below and above ankle footwear and they come in many styles to choose from.  Stick with black as they are the least imposing on the coordination of the rest of your wardrobe.
No, overshoes are not the most stylish piece of a man's footwear, but they are essential to keeping those wingtips and brogues waterproof.  After all, you wouldn't go out in the rain without an umbrella.  Your shoes deserve the same protection.

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