When the leaves start to change colors and the air gets cool and crisp you know its Autumn. This article discusses the essential, timeless, and classic pieces men should have in their wardrobe when its time to break out the apple cider. Shawl Collar Cardigan-

This classic sweater is named after the Earl of Cardigan and was made popular by Ivy Leaugers. It is the grandaddy of all other cardigans. Marked by its high, round, "shawl" collar; its a staple for cold weather. It was a favorite of Steve McQueenand for good reason. Its warm, stylish, and a bit nerdy; but the ladies will love to snuggle up next to you. Pick one in a wool cashmere blend for the maximum benefit.

Shawl Collar Cardigan

Suede Dress Shoes-

Cap toes, brogues, wingtips, monk straps - it doesn't matter. The suede dress shoe is a must have for Fall. It looks best in a dark chocolate brown. Suede is a brushed leather that absorbs sunlight and its soft on the eye. This shoe was originally meant for use in the country but it made a seamless transition to the city streets. It keeps the foot warm while providing a welcomed contrast to the everyday leather. Be sure to clean them regularly and keep them out of the wet weather.



Corduroy or “corde du roi” is French meaning cord or cloth of the King. It is believed that corduroy had its beginnings in French royalty. This thick, rugged, woven cotton is perfect for the crisp autumn days and is used in trousers, pants, jeans, jackets, blazers, etc. "Cords" as they are called for short are measured in wales. The wider the distance between each ribbed wale the less formal the garment. The closer the wale the more formal. While corduroy is a versatile material it is casual in its nature and should never be worn in a business professional environment.

5-pocket vintage cord

Gray Flannel Trousers-

These may be the most versatile pair of trousers in the man's wardrobe. They should be heavy enough to keep the legs warm and light enough for daily wear. They should be dark gray and of high quality wool. These pants can be worn dressed up or dressed down and may be the most comfrotable pants in a man's closet when they are blended with cashmere.

The Heavy Blazer-

Tweed, Wool, Camel hair, Houndstooth, Herringbone. These are course, thick, heavy fabrics and weaves meant to keep the elements away. Wear them all during the months when the sun starts going down earlier. They will keep you warm and add depth to your daily ensemble. Most men have a cotton, linen, or wool blend blazer. Few have a heavy one to keep the wind and cold off their backs. They are staples in the cool weather wardrobe of the well-dressed man.

Herringbone Sportcoat

Cashmere Sweater-

The ultimate in luxury and function. Cashmere is one of the most sought after fabrics in the world. It is taken from the bellies of goats and is sourced from countries like Mongolia and China where some of the best cashmere is found. Cashmere is soft to the touch and warm to the body. It is mostly worn in light two ply weights and is best layered over an oxford shirt. While hard to find without breaking the bank, it is an investment that any man will enjoy for years to come. Find more sweater options at http://www.primermagazine.com/2009/spend/fall-essential-layering-function-and-style


Good footwear is the mark of a complete wardrobe. In the Fall a man should be found in suede Chukka boots. First introduced by polo players in the 1950's, these simple and clean suede pieces can be as dressy or as casual as a man would like. Keep the sole low profile and the best color is tan. Comfortable, durable, and inexpensive; these should be on any man's short list of fall footwear. Other great choices are Chelsea boots for dress occassions and a sturdy pair of work boots designed to get you through the snow and harsh weather.

Chukka Boot

Inspect your wardrobe men. If you're missing any of these pieces its time for an upgrade.

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