While we are major fans of Randolph Engineering and the aviators made for aviators we cam across a new brand called Activist Eyewear.  Based in Brooklyn and designed in Japan the soul of Activist Eyewear is quality over quantity.  They produce only three models in a wayfarer, aviator and what we like to call the "John Lennon" frames.  When a particular frame sells out there is no more made which ensures that your frames a singular and unique.

The advantage of an Activist frame is threefold beginning with the trademarked spilt-fit technology.  This innovative design greatly increases surface area and dynamically grips the head rather than resting on the ears. Incredibly comfortable and secure.  Secondly, the custom nose pads.  Fully integrated into the co-injected frame front, this series of rubber fins creates a venting system for your nose that helps channel air in and moisture out.  Lastly, premium materials.  Co-injection techniques seamlessly combine rubber, nylon and Beta-titanium to create a frame that is incredibly lightweight and flexible.  Check them out at HERE.

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