We recently had a chance to speak with Ms. Arianne Cohen of Bloomberg Businessweek  in the weekly series "What I Wear to Work", which highlights entrepreneurs and other business minded individuals giving an inside look at their personal wardrobe.  It's a blessing to be able to share my personal style with the Bloomberg audience. While I have strong opinions of how men should and shouldn't present themselves, I always recommend men make their own personal choices, applying rules when necessary and breaking them elsewhere. See the full interview below and HERE.  Print copies will be available on news stands this Thursday 4/10.


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Arianne Cohen ~ What’s Image Granted?

Grant Harris ~ It’s an image consulting company for men.

AC ~ What’s the difference between coordinated and matched?GH ~ Coordinated means that things go together. Matched means it’s the same thing. So in men, the tie and pocket square should never match. The pocket square should coordinate with the tie by picking up a minor color in the tie. If your tie has a green base with purple and pink flowers on it, your pocket square should pick up the pink or purple.

AC ~ Should all men wear pocket squares?GH ~ God made jackets for the pocket, and the pocket should be filled.

AC ~ So that’s a yes?GH ~ Yes. Otherwise it just looks like you forgot something. You shouldn’t wear a tie without a pocket square, but you can wear a pocket square without a tie.

AC ~ What’s your style?GH ~Classic but relaxed—professional and clean-cut, approachable, easygoing, coordinated but not matched.

AC ~ What do men do wrong with footwear?GH ~ You should never wear square-toed shoes—they make you look shorter and wider. I recommend a brown round-toe shoe, which elongates your foot. And you need to rotate. Your shoes need to rest from your feet, which sweat one quart every day. They need to breathe.