When it comes to your shirt collar every stitch makes a difference in elevating the look to something formal or taking it down a few notches to something more casual. There are two common collar stitching methods seen on most shirts today. One is the 1/4" where the stitching is visibly seen 1/4" from the edge of the collar. This is common and to most consumers a detail that is easily overlooked.

However, in finer shirts edge stitching is the norm. This is where the stitching on the collar is found as close to the edge as possible and should be barely visible when executed properly. Edge stitching is preferable on fine shirts as it provides a clean and polished look to the collar aesthetically around the collar points. Edge stitching also by allows collar stays to slide completely into and against the edge of the collar points providing a more secure fit and finer finish, whereas 1/4" stitching does not.

Few tailors outside of luxury made-to-measure and bespoke will offer edge stitching as it is much more labor intensive and takes skill to accomplish properly. Consider a closer stitch.