American style is the father of comfort. The English have Savile Row, the Italians have their "Sprezzatura", and the French have their love affair with great shoes.  Americans have jeans.  Jeans are uniquely American starting with the Levi's 501 created by Levi Strauss. (See how Levi's is rebranding itself HERE)  Denim fabric actually has French origins, but the raw power of jeans was honed right here in the states.  But jeans don't have to be raw.  A refined gentleman can slip on a pair of straight fit dark wash jeans, an odd jacket, and driving moccasins and be just as comfortable as the next guy in Wranglers and a cowboy hat.  The versatility of jeans is what makes them so great.  Dressed up or down, they are unmistakably utilitarian in nature.

There is a style and fit for every man.  Straight, relaxed, bootcut, skinny and the like are all options to be had.  Have at least two pairs--One for date night and the other for working on your car, truck, or when you need to wear something you don't mind getting dirty on occasion.  Wash them rarely, and wear them often and they will fit like a glove.  As a rule men should avoid black denim unless your a rock star (you're not) or a famous artist (again, you're not).  Then again, rules are made to be broken since I own a pair of black jeans.  Never take a rule for a rule--to each man his own--just be sure you know what you're doing.

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