I've never been much of a watch man.  I own a few but wear them rarely.  Up to this point in my life I haven't felt the need for them other than as an accessory versus their true purpose of keeping me from being late for my next appointment.  I have three watches all of which need repair in one way or another.  Recently, without knowing the condition of my timepieces, my father presented me with a watch on my birthday--but not just any watch.  He had the casing from a watch he wore for years cleaned up and attached a new slim, brown, leather band.  While the watch itself (I'll omit the brand name for privacy) is not one of the nameplates you hear of often like Rolex or Breitling, the more important thing is that this was the first thing my father has given me that I can hand down to my son one day--something that I can show him as a piece of family history.  This aspect of life is important to me and I believe most men in general.  Most men with fathers who were a part of their life would like to have that jacket, those shoes, that ring, that car, or that classic watch that "dad used to wear" handed down to us and so on to our sons.  Call it a man thing or nostalgia if you like.  I just call it priceless.

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