We recently sat down with up and coming filmmaker Joshua Osbourne; the creator of the short film Timothy Everest.  In case you missed it take a look.  Josh is well on his way to make waves in film.  Get familiar.  Here is our conversation. IG - What was your inspiration behind the short film Timothy Everest? Josh Osbourne - My inspiration behind the Timothy Everest film was the sophistication and class that the world of British boxing once had in the 1940's era for example.  Everyone involved in the fight would be dressed immaculately and today it seems it's all about the commercial sponsor and greased up bodies so it was to celebrate the past and give it a modern twist. IG - Who is Timothy Everest? JO - Timothy Everest’s Bespoke Atelier is located in a quiet, picturesque side street tucked away from the bustling thoroughfares. Based in an 18th Century townhouse our Atelier offers a relaxing sanctuary for clients wanting to escape into a world of personalised attention to their sartorial needs. Covering four levels, the house is ideally suited to its function as a tailor’s workshop yet its interiors allude to an artist's dwelling. Upon entering the front hallway, be greeted by the fragrance of sandalwood and the sound of Timothy’s eclectic music collection lulling over the hum of shears at work. IG - What is it about menswear and boxing that made you blend the two? JO - I thought it would be a great contrast to have boxers wearing amazing garments and getting in the ring to fight, again it reflects back to the inspiration. It's glorifying what it used to be like with a focus on representing the brand correctly. IG - What is the ultimate goal for your website and collection of short films? JO - My ultimate goal with the promotion of my website and collection of short films would be to get scouted by a film agency. Where I would be getting work directing for different films and projects, at the moment I believe it's important for me to try and get my name out there. IG - You just graduated. What are your plans for the future? JO - My plans now after recently graduating is to keep making film whilst I wait for employment opportunities. My younger brother is an up & coming actor so we have a great relationship and urge to work with each other as director and actor. IG - What was it like working with a world-renowned bespoke tailor? JO - Working for Tim and his team was an amazing experience!  He produces suits for the likes of Mick Jagger, Jay-Z and Amir Khan but his services are not mainstream. If you want a Timothy Everest suit there is a process of getting it right, you cannot just grab it off the rail it's much more than that.  I got an inside look at how a successful business is run and what you can achieve with no budget. IG - Do you have any plans to make a full feature film? JO - I would love to make a full-feature film one day, at the moment I don't think I'm near enough ready. I need to make a lot more films and make many more mistakes before taking on a project of that scale.  I think music videos would be a great route for me to go down now, where I can experiment with moving image and music together. IG - Map out the process of creating a short feature for those of us not familiar with the film industry. JO - Quite a difficult question but I guess what I do is firstly come up with a basic concept, something that you as a viewer would like to see on screen. I then begin writing, the structure of the narrative, the dialogue, the camera shot list.  Then there is the casting stage, location scouting, putting a crew together. After that huge section is complete you then begin shooting and after that then comes the edit which I find one of the most hardest parts to production.  Obviously that is a speedy run-down but in reality it takes a huge amount of time & effort with a lot of planning and patience. IG -  Why did you choose to shoot in black and white? Do you feel like it provides a different element? JO - Yes I was advised by the head office and my university tutor that black and white would be more appropriate for this film. It gives the sense of class which is what I was aiming for and sets the period as well. I definitely think it was the right choice as too many colours can create confusion to the audiences eye and I think this made the film more fluid. IG - What else should we know about you and your work? JO - You should know that I am only 21 years old, I have only been making film for 2 years and already I have worked with Adidas & Timothy Everest. I started out as a photographer and you can see some photography on my website still.  I'm a positive thinker and especially at this moment in my life there is no reason or way that I shouldn't make it big as a film director and I won't rest until I have reached that level, so watch this space. Thank you.

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