Today we present the first portion of a three part guest blog series brought to us by Mr. Antonio Centeno, President at the online customer clothier A Tailored Suit.  Antonio has a wealth of knowledge of fashion & style and his articles have appeared on venues like the Art of Manliness and Men's Flair in addition to his guide to timeless style.  He has taken the time to give us some insight on what a man of color should be wearing in order to enhance his image.  Take a look and stay tuned in the coming weeks for parts two and three. Dark colored men face unique challenges when they dress themselves. In this article we identify three of the most common mistakes that trip them up.

FYI, my definition of dark colored men Ethnic groups that typically fit into this category are men of African, Latin, Southern European, and South East Asian decent. As with any type of generalization article where many are grouped together, the advice here is meant to guide and is not a strict rule. To understand your personal needs in greater detail educate yourself on the basics of men’s style and give strong consideration to speaking with Washington DC Men’s Style Consultant Grant Harris.

1. Not wearing your BEST colors. Dark colored men have the luxury of looking good in many color shades. This double edged sword however has a drawback; it’s very unlikely you’ve waded through the sea of good colors to find the ones that look AMAZING on you. You’ve settled for OK, when GREAT is within reach. Factors that will determine which colors suit you best –

• Body Type – The general rule here is that larger men want to create a streamlined silhouette. Dark colors with not make you look thinner, they will not however exaggerate your size.

• Hair Color – This factor is tied closely to your skin complexion, but in general darker hair color will enable you to look better in darker colored clothing. Simply put, black hair means you can wear black with confidence despite what the forums say. Dark brown though can be overpowered by black’s harshness – navy and charcoal grays are a better choice.

• Eye Color – A striking color here can easily determine which colors will best suit a man. As that the eyes are where you wish people to look when you speak with them, making sure yours are the focus is a powerful style tool.

• Skin Hue – Different from color, this is the “temperature color” your skin color gives off. It can vary, depending on whether you are outside in natural light or indoors under the fluorescent lighting of an office. There are many other factors as well – the point being you can have two similarly colored men with very different shades that suit them. The best way to determine which shades suit you best is to either hold fabrics close to your skin or meet with a men’s style expert.

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